May 9, 2019

Proposed Results-Based Funding Expansion: Another Step Forward for Arizona’s Schools

Arizona has long funded K-12 public schools based on certain school types and programs. Small schools, high schools, and failing schools all receive funding. Additional dollars go to programs such as early literacy interventions, English Language Learners, and desegregation activities.

However, until the legislature enacted Results-Based Funding not a single classroom dollar was dedicated to schools successfully closing the achievement gap. Results Funding provides Arizona’s best public schools with additional boost in funding, recognizing and rewarding schools serving low-income communities at a higher rate.   

A proposed expansion of the program in Fiscal Year 2020 would fund even more high-performing schools serving lower-income students. Under the expanded proposal, 64 percent of Results-Based Funding would go to mid and high poverty schools, using a school’s National School Lunch Program as an indicator of student poverty level. That data speaks for itself.

But if you really want to know why the proposed expansion is a step in the right direction for Arizona’s schools, watch the video below to hear what school leaders have to say about the program.

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