November 30, 2018

Results Based Funding: Building on Success

Schools across Arizona are being rewarded for their students’ success.

Results-Based Funding provides additional dollars to Arizona’s most effective schools, with an emphasis on the top schools serving high poverty students. The policy incentivizes public schools – traditional district, magnet, and charter. Approved by lawmakers in 2016, Results-Based Funding provides $225 per student to the top 10 percent of schools in the state, and $400 per student to the top 10 percent of schools with more than 60 percent of students who qualify for free or reduced priced lunch. Also, each alternative high school that is subject to a specialized rating system shall receive $400 per student.

This policy incentivizes public schools to grow their impact and serve more students.  Many schools have used previous Results-Based Funding allocations to expand their school, increase teacher salaries, or hire school counselors and special education directors.

Sonoran Schools has 2,700 students in its network and has grown its impact by opening a new nine-acre campus in southeast Tucson to better meet parent demand for a great STEM school.

“Results-Based Funding has enabled us to provide more low-income students in southeast Tucson an opportunity to receive an ‘A’-rated education, in a neighborhood where they can walk to school, and where the school will be an active community partner and resource,” said Fatih Karatas, CEO of Sonoran Schools.

The Arizona Department of Education recently released the Results-Based Funding for this school year. Funding was earned based on the 2017 AzMERIT statewide assessment scores. The allocation of the most recent schools can be viewed here.

The 2019 distribution rewarded a bonus of $225 to 182 schools and $400 to 103 schools, providing an additional $39 million to Arizona’s most effective schools.

“Results Based Funding provided us with the ability to train our staff, as one entire group, in a research-based reading program that allows us to systematically implement instructional strategies that will support students in meeting and exceeding the Arizona College and Career Readiness Standards,” said Kristi Wells, the principal of Sunset Elementary School in the Cartwright School District. The school, located in West Phoenix, recently received 2019 Results- Based Funding for its outstanding results and outcomes for students.

These are just two examples of the many Arizona schools who are working tirelessly to close the achievement gap. These schools’ efforts need to be rewarded and expanded, and Results-Based Funding provides them additional dollars to support their efforts.

“Results-Based Funding not only recognizes the school’s achievement; it is an equalizer for high-poverty schools and we believe that is game-changing for at-risk students,” said Karatas.

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